CHP system helps Polish meat processing plant save money and lower emissions


  • Co-generation is the most efficient way to generate power, achieving efficiencies that exceed 90 percent, and offering significant energy savings when compared to the supply of electricity and heat or steam from conventional power stations and boilers.
  • CHP is a proven technology that reduces harmful emissions (like CO2) into the environment; past similar applications have achieved 15 – 40 percent reductions in carbon emissions.
  • Significant cost savings provide additional competitiveness for industrial users like Sokolow.

The Opportunity

Sokolow S.A. is a leader in the Polish meat industry and sports some of the most recognized trade names in the marketplace. Headquartered in the town of Sokolow Podlaski, the company has seven production facilities located throughout Poland, as well as offices in Warsaw. Sokolow is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danish Crown, one of Europe’s largest meat processing companies whose products reach the farthest corners of the world.

For years, Sokolow has been a pacesetter in establishing new standards in the meat processing industry. All production complies with International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards, and all of Sokolow’s plants are ISO 14001 certified, verifying compliance with the highest environmental requirements.

Sokolow recently consulted with Energotechnika, a recognized leader in power/heat services, to assist in maximizing energy optimization at its facility in Sokolow Podlaski. Based in Warsaw, Poland, Energotechnika has helped modernize more than 140 production installations over the years.
Sokolow’s management planned to install a combined heat and power (CHP) unit in this specific facility.

Such CHP plants are typically based on gas engines whereby the waste heat from the exhaust produced during the electric generation process is captured in a heat recovery steam boiler.

Together with the heat from the engine cooling, these by-products are then used for heating, cooling and, in this instance, industrial processes.

The Solution

Based on input from Energotechnika and Sokolow’s engineering staff, and after consultation with Guascor Energy CHP experts, Sokolow’s management decided to purchase and install a co-generation system consisting of two Guascor Energy G-42HM generators. Newly released to the marketplace, these units run on natural gas, each producing 1MWe of electric power. Also, the complete plant produces 8 bar of 1.2 tons per hour of saturated steam and 100 m3/h of hot water to assist with the factory’s production processes. Additional steam is produced in gas boilers equipped with an exhaust condensing system which makes the overall system highly efficient.

The Miller cycle, high-efficiency Guascor Energy G-HM lean burn engine represents a unique concept in engine design with advanced technology incorporated into the cylinder heads, valves, camshafts, and turbochargers. The engine components make this series one of the most efficient, robust engines available for power generation, as well as co- and tri- generation applications. The G-HM engine is available as a stand-alone power unit, as part of a co-generation system on a skid, packaged as a gen- set, or containerized (noise insulated if required). These engines can be powered by a wide variety of fuels including natural gas, biogas from anaerobic digestion of organic matter, methane from landfill sites and sewage plants, and most any type of gas derived from bio-digestion processes.

Not surprisingly, this Sokolow high- efficiency co-generation plant, fully equipped with Guascor Energy gas engines, is one of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced power plants in the European food industry.

The Business

Guascor Energy is a leading company with more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas internal combustion engines with its own technology. The company offers some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology platforms, products and services in distributed power generation for oil and gas, industrial, institutional, commercial clients and rural electrification programs. In addition, our offer is completed by a range of diesel engines for marine applications for both propulsion and on-board generation.

A complete product range which meets the strictest regulatory and safety requirements always adapting to the customer´s needs.
Guascor Energy has a network of more than 50 distributors and partners worldwide, which in addition to our own staff, allows us to provide unparalleled proximity and respond to the specific needs of each of our customers at a fast and personalized pace.