Leading manufacturer and service provider of gas & diesel engines designed for power generation, cogeneration, waste conversion and marine use

About Guascor Energy

Guascor Energy is a global leading manufacturer & services provider of gas and diesel engines designed for power generation, cogeneration, waste conversion and marine use. For more than 50 years, the company has been supporting customers in the process of decarbonisation and decentralization of energy & power.

We offer reliable, fuel-flexible & efficient engines ranging from 180 kW to 2 MW and aftersales services.

Are you ready for Hydrogen? We are!

Hydrogen has been the object of interest in different periods of the last century as it has been identified as an alternative energy source to conventional fossil fuels.

Nowadays, Hydrogen has become the main facilitator of the energy transition that must be carried out to achieve the decarbonisation of the economy and, with it, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The use of Hydrogen as an energy vector allows decarbonizing the most polluting sectors and industrial processes with high energy demand, in addition to the generation of electricity.

Regarding electricity generation, hydrogen allows the large-scale integration of intermittent renewable energy into the energy system, facilitating its distribution and storage, favoring the reduction or elimination of CO2 emissions produced by the use of fossil fuels.

At Guascor Energy we are aware that hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

Guascor Energy RCS: Our Remote Care Service for you 

Digitalization is a big word that involves many different things. When we think about it applied to industry we normally tend to imagine it in the design, manufacturing, selling, quality assurance processes of the companies but it is not only there, but also in the impact that the application of digital tools has in how products can be improved once in field and can be serviced where lies the tremendous transformative value of digitalization.

The possibility of accessing the equipment operational parameters (historical or online values or alarms), implementing algorithms to detect in advance emerging malfunctions and remotely make changes in the equipment controls has marked a before and after in the product development and service concepts, significantly improving the product validation process, the quality of the reactive support and, last but not least, allowing the capability to offer proactive support to the customer.

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