Biogas CHP generators with fuel blending
system for WWTP in Grandville (USA)


  • Low operating costs
  • Easy start capability
  • Fuel flexibility for running with natgas and biogas
  • Energy independence (use of own biogas coming from waste).
  • Reduction on the use of conventional fossil fuels and contribution to a more sustainable energy mix.
  • Highly reliable generating set with a long service life

The Opportunity

Grandville is a City in Kent County in the U.S. State of Michigan. The Grandville Clean Water Plant serves the communities of Grandville, Georgetown Township, Hudsonville, Jamestown Township, and a portion of Blendon Township. Over 22,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers use, on average, around 6 million gallons of water on a day- to-day basis.

Through the recent years, renovation upgrades and a plant expansion were completed.  These included additional aeration capacity for the activated sludge treatment process, additional UV disinfection, a new anaerobic digester with a CHP system, and a laboratory and operations center.   

Due to digester gas availability in Grandville WWTP, this system must blend different percentages of natural gas to provide its full electrical engines capacity to the plant, as well as maximum recoverable heat for the digester and any other heat loads within the plant.

The Solution

The Guascor Energy Fuel blending system allows the engine to run on two different fuels or a mixture of them. Blending is done in the engine, not outside. 

  • Change on the fly allows the change between the modes at full power from a real 100% Biogas (0% Natural gas) to any fuel ratio (>10%), including the possibility to run 100% Natural gas / 0% Biogas.
  • With the easy start capability, the engine can be selected to run on Biogas but start with natural gas. The engine automatically changes to 100% Biogas once it reaches the rated speed.

​​Recently Guascor Energy, through its official partner Kraft Power, supplied and successfully commissioned two containerized G-18SL generating sets of 336 ekW each at 1800 rpm equipped with factory fuel blending system at the Grandville WWTP in Michigan.

The Business

Guascor Energy is a leading company with more than 55 years of experience in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas internal combustion engines with its own technology. The company offers some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology platforms, products and services in distributed power generation for oil and gas, industrial, institutional, commercial clients and rural electrification programs. In addition, our offer is completed by a range of diesel engines for marine applications for both propulsion and on-board generation.

A complete product range which meets the strictest regulatory and safety requirements always adapting to the customer´s needs.
Guascor Energy has a network of more than 50 distributors and partners worldwide, which in addition to our own staff, allows us to provide unparalleled proximity and respond to the specific needs of each of our customers at a fast and personalized pace.