• Highly reliable propulsion set with a long service life
  • Robust engines for tough assignments
  • Environmentally friendly engine design​
  • Easy to maintain​
  • Provides optimum fuel consumption​
  • Low operating costs​

The Opportunity

The expansion of LNG bunkering infrastructure is driven by the need to comply with strict environmental regulations, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the use of cleaner fuels in the shipping industry.

The ‘Haugesund Knutsen’ vessel, built by Astilleros Armon Gijón for the supply of liquefied natural gas in the port of Barcelona, is one of the few vessels specialized in natural gas bunkering in the world and the first of its kind built in Spain.

From its base in the Mediterranean, the new vessel will play a key role in Shell’s objective of doubling its LNG bunkering infrastructure on the main international trade routes by 2025.

The Solution

  • Guascor Energy contributes to the decarbonisation of the sector with a complete range of natural gas engines with a power range from 256 to 888 kWe, G-SL engines. These engines are valid for generation purposes not only on board – electric propulsion or power generation – but also as a deck genset providing power to any ship in port.
  • Guascor Energy has supplied one propulsion system (consisting of two main gas engines G-56SL, and one diesel engine SF 360TA-SG as a back-up) for the new LNG bunkering vessel Haugesund Knutsen, built by Armón shipyard in Gijón (Spain). This happens to be the first LNG bunkering vessel built in Spain.

    ​The G-SL engines can operate with natural gas with methane number as low as 70.This is a product whose robustness and excellent performance has been confirmed by the numerous references available for this engine family in a wide range of applications worldwide.

    Importantly, they are classified by Bureau Veritas and have emissions levels that are below those required by IMO Tier III.

The Business

Guascor Energy is a leading company  with more than 55 years of experience in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas internal combustion engines with its own technology. The company offers some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology platforms, products and services in distributed power generation for oil and gas, industrial, institutional, commercial clients and rural electrification programs.

In addition, our offer is completed by a range of diesel engines for marine applications for both propulsion and on-board generation.

A complete product range which meets the strictest regulatory and safety requirements always adapting to the customer´s needs.

Guascor Energy has a network of more than 50 distributors and partners worldwide, which in addition to our own staff, allows us to provide unparalleled proximity and respond to the specific needs of each of our customers at a fast and personalized pace.