Are you ready for Hydrogen? We are!

Hydrogen has become the main facilitator of the energy transition that must be carried out to achieve the decarbonisation of the economy and, with it, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The use of hydrogen as an energy vector allows decarbonizing the most polluting sectors and industrial processes with high energy demand, in addition to the generation of electricity.

Regarding electricity generation, hydrogen allows the large-scale integration of intermittent renewable energy into the energy system, facilitating its distribution and storage, favoring the reduction or elimination of CO ² emissions produced by the use of fossil fuels

These characteristics, together with its capacity to store and transport energy, have made hydrogen the energy vector par excellence of all the decarbonization strategies that are being developed around the world.

At Guascor Energy we are aware that hydrogen is the fuel of the future.

Download our H2 strategy brochure and decarbonize the planet with us!