Meet our Natural Gas engines

Natural Gas has been recognized by the EU Taxonomy as one of the main transition fuels on the path towards achieving a climate neutral economy in the EU by 2050.

The use of Natural Gas as a fuel in power generation balances the volatility of renewable energy. By providing high flexibility in its operation Guascor Energy Natural Gas engines become the main allies in any type of situation.

With a complete range of engines, distributed in three different series, S, H and E, they guarantee excellent thermal and overall behaviour, all of which meets the most stringent requirements for polluting emissions, contributing, in In this way, to the reduction of global warming.

With a power range between 315 and 1067 kWb (S Series ), 520 and 1373 kWb (H Series ) and 2065 kWb (E Series ), Guascor Energy Natural Gas engines provide great flexibility due not only to their modularity but also to also to its benefits, all accompanied by a compact design which facilitates a simple installation.

Our extensive distribution network guarantees not only the rapid supply of spare parts but also the best maintenance service, which contributes to the high availability.