These are our engines developed to work with wellgas, APG and flare gas

If you are looking for an engine to reliably deliver the power you need, wherever you need it and with all type of gases, Guascor Energy has the solution for you.

Our 8:1 compression ratio SL engines are specifically designed and optimized to run-on poor-quality fuel gases with methane numbers as low as 35, at any NOx level you need.

Reliable engines, with good load acceptance performance and able to run either at 50 or 60 Hz with a very simple configuration upgrade, this is the solution you are looking for.

With a power range from 252 to 1067 KWb, these engines, initially developed to work with wellgas, APG and flare gas, are a very good fit for rental applications where there is a great variability in the gas composition depending on the power generation site and the power delivery commitment is high.