Guascor Energy supplies gas/diesel-electric propulsion system for the first LNG-powered bunkering vessel built in Spain.

Guascor Energy has supplied the Gas/Diesel-electric propulsion system (consisting of two main gas engines G-56 SL, and a diesel engine L-36 ST as a back-up) for the new LNG bunkering vessel Haugesund Knutsen, built by Armón shipyard in Gijón.

Guascor Energy contributes to the decarbonisation of the sector with a complete range of natural gas engines with a power range from 256 to 888 kWe, G-SL engines. These engines are valid for generation purposes not only on board – electric propulsion or power generation – but also as a deck genset providing power to any ship in port.

The G-SL engines can operate with natural gases with methane number as low as 70. This is a product whose robustness and excellent performance has been confirmed by the numerous references available for this engine family in a wide range of applications worldwide. Find more information on this range of engines/gensets by clicking here.

Importantly, they are classified by Bureau Veritas and have emissions levels that are below those required by IMO Tier III.