Visit to Sokolów Podlaski and Energotechnika in Poland

Our colleagues Txema Avelino, José de Carvajal, and Mikel Izaguirre visited some days ago Energotechnika, our distributor in Poland.

In addition to visiting its Warsaw office, the team traveled to Sokolów Podlaski to visit what is considered an example of the cogeneration plant of the future, since it combines different technologies to perform highest efficiency: the generation of biogas and its upgrading and transformation into biomethane that is compressed and transported by a 9 km. pipeline.

Afterwards, it is finally used in the town district heating plant with a 56HM genset from Guascor Energy with fuel blending technology, condensing systems in exhaust heat recovery and air/water and water/water heat pumps combined into the same facility.

The trip was completed with a review of the commercial prospects for 2024 in one of the most important markets in Eastern Europe, which thanks to the work of @Energotechnika is growing as expected.