Brazil, a new market for Guascor Energy

Guascor Energy, within its global strategy of engines and generators, has expanded its global presence. Brazil is one of the countries where the company has intensified its activities – the largest country in South America has a population of more than 213 million inhabitants, of which 87% live in cities.

The region has a varied offer of energy sources, among which natural gas, biogas, biomethane, ethanol, synthesis gas or hydrogen stand out, which fits perfectly with the Guascor Energy portfolio. In addition, there are numerous thermoelectric, generation and cogeneration plants, as well as marine equipment, which reaffirms the suitability of the commitment to Brazil.

Between July 4th and 13th, just a few days ago, the Brazilian strategic planning meeting took place in Guascor-Energy (Zumaia – Spain), attended by Henry Matsutani and Carlos Silami (Guascor Energy Brand Management Manager in the Region). and the entire management of the company.