Two Guascor Energy biogas units generate electricity for  timber and oil palm milling in Sabah state (Malaysia)

Guascor Energy has delivered a second biogas unit for power generation in the state of Sabah, which is already up and running.

Kapilit Palm Oil Mill´s core business is timber and oil palm milling and woodchip production. Palm oil mills generate substantial amounts of POME, which is a byproduct of the oil extraction process. This mill is equiped with a biodigester system (covered lagoons).

Biogas production from POME helps mitigate these issues by utilizing the waste as a fuel resource in the power generation plant and reducing its environmental footprint. This gas is treated before used in generating sets through a H2S scrubber.

In 2014, the mill was equiped with one first unit Guascor Energy soundproof containing a Guascor Energy biogas 1 MWe genset, to fulfill the energy needs of the plant (by using the biogas produced) and the estate housing area.

Over time, the company saw that their power generation needs, far from being satisfied, began to increase in the last years and thought about expanding the power generation plant.

Thanks to the power reliability and good experience they had with the results provided by the first Guascor Energy power generation unit, (56.000 running hours to date) the company decided to acquire a second unit, which has been recently delivered and mounted.

This second unit is a Guascor Energy genset, G-36SL model providing 610 kWe and is also a sound proof generator in container. This supply completes the installation of Kapilit Palm Oil Mill.