‘Doce de Julio’, a new trawler for distant fishing grounds equiped with Guascor Energy generating sets

The shellfish fisheries have a new vessel in service, called ‘Doce de Julio’, and which is operating in the central Atlantic fishing grounds off the coasts of Mauritania and Guinea Bissau. Its work is governed by the European Union’s fishing partnership agreements with non-EU countries.

The fishery to be conducted by the “Doce de Julio“ vessel falls within the framework of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreements (#SFPA) negotiated and signed by the European Union with third countries, in particular with the two African countries mentioned above

The “Doce de Julio” freezer trawler is equipped with state-of-the-art maritime and fishing technologies, its main engine and auxiliary units are of the latest generation, consuming around 200 litres of diesel oil less per day compared to the old engines, which reduces CO2 emissions.

The uninterrupted flow of electricity is essential for numerous onboard systems and functions, ensuring the smooth operation of vital equipment and the safety of crew members and passengers alike and Guascor Energy has been chosen to provide the auxiliary #generating sets for this trawler,

Auxilary equipment: 2  x SF180TAiII2SG model, generating sets, providing 450 kVA of power each @1500rpm

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