Sunny Brook Farms


  • Highly fuel efficient; lowers operating cost per acre-foot
  • One-third the cost of diesel and half the cost of electric
  • Robust design
  • Best-in-class emissions
  • Reasonable ROI
  • Much quieter than equivalent diesel engine

The Opportunity:

Founded by an entrepreneurial young farmer more than a decade ago to grow cotton, pistachios, pomegranates, tomatoes, and wheat, Sunny Brook Farms is a 2,000 acre ranch located in Stratford, California, USA. Phil Brooks, the president and founder of Sunny Brook Farms, has been farming for more than 35 years and is no stranger to the challenges of the trade. The industry is subject to commodity price fluctuations, ever-changing weather and numerous regulations. Above all, Mr. Brook’s primary concern is how to reliably harvest water from the ground for the lowest cost per acre-foot of irrigation for Sunny Brook.

Whether it is the use of GPS to manage farm operations, or drip irrigation to maximize plant productivity, Sunny Brook Farms remains on the forefront of efficient farming technology. According to Mr. Brooks, in a highly-competitive environment like farming, Sunny Brook has to be as efficient as it can in all aspects of operation. It was this tenet that led Mr. Brooks to Guascor Energy engine distributor, Valley Power Systems, in Fresno, California for a solution to efficiently and reliably provide power for a new 1,500 foot irrigation well.

In addition to natural gas-driven prime movers, Sunny Brook Farms’ personnel evaluated both diesel and electric pump- drive options. In analyzing energy costs, Sunny Brook Farms’
personnel estimated that dieseldriven pump irrigation could cost up to $160 per acre-foot. An electrically-driven pump was estimated to cost $90 per acre-foot in addition to being subject to yearly minimum electrical usage setsguarantees. At a per acre fuel cost of less than $50 per acre-foot, a natural gas prime mover was the obvious choice.

The Solution

Valley Power Systems recommended a natural gas-fueled Guascor Energy 24 liter lean-burn engine driven pump-drive solution. Designed, packaged and installed by Valley Power Systems, the 600 horsepower Guascor Energy engine reliably pumps 2,750 gallons of water per minute. The high efficiency of the engine translated into tens of thousands of dollars of fuel savings every year when compared to an equivalent diesel pump drive. Sunny Brook Farms will realize a return on investment within a 24-month period.

Performance and efficiency were not the only benefits Sunny Brook Farms realized. The G-24SL engine meets local air-board standards without exhaust after treatment. An independent third party tested the engine emissions and stated that the Guascor Energy engine was one of the cleanest engines they have evaluated.
Being as efficient as possible in all aspects of their operation is a key element to the success of Sunny Brook Farms. The Guascor Energy and Valley Power Systems solution will provide Sunny Brook Farms with the ability to provide clean, efficient and reliable irrigation for many years to come.

The Business

Guascor Energy is a leading company with more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of diesel and gas internal combustion engines with its own technology. The company offers some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology platforms, products and services in distributed power generation for oil and gas, industrial, institutional, commercial clients and rural electrification programs. In addition, our offer is completed by a range of diesel engines for marine applications for both propulsion and on-board generation.

A complete product range which meets the strictest regulatory and safety requirements always adapting to the customer´s needs.
Guascor Energy has a network of more than 50 distributors and partners worldwide, which in addition to our own staff, allows us to provide unparalleled proximity and respond to the specific needs of each of our customers at a fast and personalized pace.