Guascor Energy and Dordtech, a winning team in The Netherlands

A few days ago, our colleagues José de Carvajal, Mikel Izaguirre and Txema Avelino visited the facilities of Dordtech, our distributor in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, in the Dutch city of Dordtrech.

In addition to introducing our new management team and reviewing the business plan for 2024, they were also able to visit Jong Fruit B.V. strawberry greenhouse, with four hectares of cultivation, which is supplied with energy thanks to a new Guascor Energy G-86EM 2 MW cogeneration engine.

This new equipment guarantees maximum productivity in the plants and fruits by using heat, electricity and exhaust CO2 reabsorption throughout the year, complying with the most restrictive emissions standards and limiting CO2 emissions.

Over the years, Guascor Energy has developed extensive experience and a solid reputation in the design of CHP solutions according to the most stringent requirements demanded by the market.

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