Guascor Energy Remote Care Service – RCS: knowledge & tools for analysis, detection and diagnosis.

#Digitalization is a big word that involves many different things. When we think about it applied to industry we normally tend to imagine it in the design, manufacturing, selling, quality assurance processes of the companies but it is not only there but also in the impact that the application of digital tools has in how products can be improved once in field, and can be serviced where lies the tremendous transformative value of digitalization.

The possibility of accessing the equipment operational parameters, implementing algorithms to detect in advance emerging malfunctions and remotely make changes in the equipment controls is a miliestone in the product development and service concepts allowing the businesses to achieve enhanced operational efficiency and reduced OPEX.

We want to present you today Guascor Energy Remote Care Services (RCS), a new service concept offered based on our expert knowledge, combined with modern tools for analysis, detection and diagnostics.

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