Biogas: from waste to energy

Global waste generation is estimated at between 4,500 and 6,000 million tons per year, of which approximately 85% corresponds to non-hazardous municipal and industrial waste. The energy use of this waste has become one of the fundamental pillars for its revaluation, contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution and minimizing the risk that this waste poses to public health.

Starting from different types of raw material such as ​municipal solid waste (MSW), crops, garbage, POME (palm oil mill effluent), solid biomass, agricultural waste or animal manure​, the use of different technologies, including anaerobic digestion in treatment plants and landfills or specific biomethanization processes, makes it possible to produce the fuel necessary to produce electricity and heat from internal combustion engines.

Guascor Energy has a complete range of engines, specially developed and optimized to work with gases from anaerobic processes. Our offer for this type of applications is complemented by a fuel blending system specifically designed to mix Natural Gas and Biogas that allows fuel change from 0 to 100% and any ratio in between, on the engine itself and with no need to stop the engine, which guarantees the availability of the genset.

The Waste to Energy sector requires local partnering with trusted developers, such as Guascor Energy partners, with a high level of know-how on the technology of gas producing, cleaning and adapting to the accepted gas composition.