E series engines: field proven highest electrical efficiency in the two-megawatt class

The G-86EM, part of the electronically carbureted EM Series gas engines, designed for more efficient power generation, released in 2017, has proven along these years to be even more efficient than expected.

Field and factory performance measurements along with the experience of over 500,000 accumulated running hours have shown a 0.3 % better efficiency, leading to a mechanical efficiency value of 46.9% and a electrical efficiency value of 45.7%, which confirms that this product has the best efficiency in the market for the 2MW power output. This allows Guascor Energy to continue as a benchmark in the industry, with a range of efficient solutions for clean, distributed power generation.

The launch of the E engines meant a new series capable of delivering on-site power, heat, and cooling for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and municipal applications, which translated into an excellent cost-performance ratio. This electrical efficiency update for the G-86EM confirms that it can generate more electricity with less gas consumption than initially expected.

The G-86EM maintains all the unique features that has shown over the years, like its innovative pre-combustion chambers that provide an efficient and stable combustion even at emissions levels as low as 200 mg/Nm3 NOx, without forgetting that major overhaul is scheduled to be carried out every 90,000 hours of operation, which means more than 10 years of use.